Welcome to Yue Lab at Penn State

About the PI: Dr. Yue is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State School of Medicine. He serves as the director of Bioinformatics division for the Penn State Institute for Personalized Medicine (IPM). He has been an active member of several NIH funded consortia, including the ENCODE, Roadmap/Epigenomics, and 4D Nucleome projects.

        The main research area for Dr. Yue's group is cancer epigenomics and 3D genome organization. Before joining Penn State, Dr. Yue received his postdoctoral training in Dr. Bing Ren's laboratory at UCSD School of Medicine. Currently, he is a graduate advisor in the BMS program and the Genomics and Bioinformatics Program. Dr. Yue is passionate about science outreach and as the ENCODE outreach co-chair, he has organized many workshops in some of the most prestigious national and international conferences, including Keystone and ASHG annual meetings.

About the lab: Our lab was established in Oct. 2013 and we have both web lab and dry lab components. Right now, we have one Principal Investigator, one assistant professor, two postdoc fellows, five graduate students and one undergraduate student. People in the lab come from both biology and computer science background.

Recent News:

1. Labmember Jie Xu, Sriranga Iyyanki, and Lin An all passed their Ph.D. Candidacy Exam. Congratulations!
2. We are a funded member of the newly founded 4D Nucleome consortium !
3. Check out the new ENCODE element browser ! The main purpose of this website is to help users easily query the gene expresssion file and genomic annotations generated by the ENCODE consortium. Please try it out and let us you know if you have any comments.
4. A major update of our Hi-C browser ! Now users can visualize the recenlty published Hi-C data in different species, different assembly and different resolution. A cool feature of the website is that you can generate a virtual 4C figure, where you can hypothesize the potential interactions between enhancers and promoters.
5. Our work in collaboration with Dr. Maike Sander is published by Cell Stem Cell!
6. Our mouse ENCODE papers are published by Nature !